Next Parish Council meeting Feb 4th

The next meeting of Quarnford Parish Council will be on Monday February 4th at 7.30 in the village hall.  The agenda as well as minutes of the last meeting are below.  A key item for discussion will be the precept and to help you to think about it in advance I also attach a summary of this year’s accounts with a prediction for 2019-20.  As you can see there will be an increase in expenditure mainly due to the playground as well as an increase in the Clerk’s hours.

Staffs County Council is asking for feedback for its ‘Highways Your Way’ website.  This is not the same site that we use to report potholes etc but gives advice on dealing with the kinds of repairs that the Neighbourhood Highways Team used to do.  As you will remember, when that team was disbanded  it was recommended that parishes pick up this work, with an increase in precept and support from SCC if needed.

If you have time before February 4th, could you have a look so we can discuss it at the meeting and I can then send a response on behalf of the parish.  The website is If you can’t get to the meeting, please also let me have your feedback.

….and finally….I am very pleased to let you know that Steve Mansfield has accepted the role of Parish Clerk and will be attending the meeting.  Steve is a very experienced Clerk and I know is looking forward to working with you all.  This will therefore be my last meeting though I will be working with Steve for a little while to ensure a smooth handover.

Many thanks


Agenda 4th February 2019

Minutes Nov 2018

Quarnford accounts summary 2019

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